Board Members

2022 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Bob Gallagher, President
RMG Consulting, LLC
Office: 660-9009 Fax: 896-1134

Chair Elect
Brian Brichford, Director, PPS US Enterprise Inside Sales

Vice Chair Government Relations Div
Kim Kemper, Vice President
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
Office: 892-5141 Fax: 892-3259

Vice Chair Member Relations Div
 Andrew Melendrez, CEO
The Rio Rancho Sleep Center
Office: 891-3344 Fax: 896-4499

Vice Chair Business Development Div
Shawn Gale, Club Manager
Defined Fitness
Office: 349-4444

Vice Chair Community Development Div
Lisa Contreras, Audit Manager
Office:   241-4628 Fax:241-2346

Mike Chelius, Tax Principal
Office: 998-3495 Fax: 998-3333

Immediate Past Chair
Paul Sowards, Vice Chairman
Century Bank
Office: 798-5901 Fax: 798-5939

Legal Council
Chris Pacheco, Partner
Lastrapes, Spangler & Pacheco, P.A.
Office: 892-3607 Fax: 892-1864


Joanna Boothe, Agent
State Farm Insurance – Joanna Boothe
Office: 892-5960 Fax: 891-9606

Mark Guerin, Partner
Harris Jewelers & Casa de Oro Custom Design
Office: 892-3841 Fax: 892-8122

Joe Herrera, Project Manager –
Gas Operations New Mexico Gas Company
Office: 891-6995 Fax: 896-8175

Paul Howell, Owner
Turbo Threads
Office:999-1234 Fax: 988-8726

Lou Lafrado, Owner
L & D Associates Consulting Group
Office: 238-0122

Ann Losee, Vice President & Business Development
New Mexico Bank & Trust Office:  830-8395  Fax: 830-8147

Natasha Martell-Jackson, Volunteer Program Manager
Intel Corporation
Office: 893-3372 Fax: 893-3116

Yvonne Pedersen-Chavez, Owner/Partner
Always Green NM, LLC
Phone: 850-7739

Michael Schlichte, Owner/Broker
Absolute Real Estate
Office: 681-8578

Jamie Silva Steele, President & CEO
UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center
Phone: 994-7000

Andy Strebe, Service Director
Don Chalmers Ford
Office:  890-2201 Fax : 890-2119

Angela Ward, Director of Patient Care
Presbyterian Rust Medical Center
Phone: 253-1145 Fax: 253-1147

Sherrie Williams, President
Williams Sales & Service
Office:  797-4182  Fax: 797-7209

Jalayne Wineland, Branch Manager
Staffing Solutions/Resource Mfg
Phone: 889-9500 Fax: 889-0744


Beth Miller, Vice President
UNM West
Office:  505.925.8687   Fax:  505.925.8684

Jami Grindatto, Director
Sandoval Economic Alliance
Office:  505.891.4305   Fax:  505.891.4297

Gregg Hull, Mayor
City of Rio Rancho
Office:  505.896.8703  Fax:  505.867.5173

Kathie Winograd, President
Central New Mexico Community College
Office:  505.224.4414   Fax:  505.224.4417